Hiker of the Week – Neil Brennen

12212519_10206862540154516_256876067_nWhile Neil Brennen is at the top of my list when it comes to outdoor advocates, it wasn’t always that way. Preferring mostly sedentary hobbies, Neil struggled with physical disabilities compounded by substantial excess weight. That changed nearly 10 years ago when he decided to take his life back by shedding over 150 pounds and adopting a much more active lifestyle. In his own words, “Four hundred pounds was a living death, and now I live every day.”

Since then, Neil has endeavored to pay it forward by helping other overweight and/or differently abled individuals to reconnect with activities they may have previously felt isolated from. His firmly held belief that “the outdoors are for everyone” is the driving force that allows him to “walk the walk” by organizing hikes, bike rides, and other outdoor activities with those who may be feeling intimidated, giving them the courage to start making their own changes. His frequent donations of outdoor clothing and equipment, advice for beginners, and words of encouragement have helped countless others discover their own taste for the woods.

Written by Sayre Kulp

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