Hiker of the Week – Angela Schmidt

Angela Schmidt’s view of the outdoors and hiking comes with some wisdom we can all follow. Her heart and passion for it is one I can certainly relate to in my own journey of the outdoor. She is this week’s “Hiker of the Week.”

“There is a certain honesty and truth that I get from being in the outdoors. A harmony where everything comes together perfectly. I’ve never felt that anywhere else in the world. Maybe that’s why I prefer being in the outdoors. I’ve always enjoyed biking. Then a friend gave me an issue of Backpacker magazine and it made me want to hike part of the Appalachian trail even more. So I did and my love for hiking began. As humans we are bound to lose in life. We lose pets as they get old, we lose friends in car accidents,and parents to old age. But the great outdoors is always there for us. Subconsciously maybe that’s why I love the outdoors? Because it will always be there for me? Maybe….”


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