Hiker of the Week – Rick Horwat

Rick Horwat

Rick is a rare breed of backpackers. His favorite time of year to hike is winter. He is currently a Ridge Runner for the LHHT (Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail) and has been a gear tester.

“I think that the thing that I enjoy the most about being on the trail is not the physical aspect of being out there, but more so the spiritual. I quite often refer to it as unplugging. It is an opportunity to clear one’s mind of the day to day routine and just get in touch with nature on a more personal level. I have been involved in the outdoors since I was a very young child to some degree. It is a big part of who I am and how I was raised. Being a ridge runner gives me the opportunity to give back to that which has given me so much.”

If you’re looking to hike the LHHT in the winter we would recommend Rick as a trail guide.

6 thoughts on “Hiker of the Week – Rick Horwat

  1. Rick is a great guy to hike with. Very helpful and knowledgeable about the outdoors. We met on the LHHT Facebook page and are fellow Ridge Runners. I feel lucky to call him my friend. Rick is a very considerate hiker, if you can’t keep up he’d stay behind with you and make you feel that’s it’s ok. I can’t wait to hike with him again.

      1. It’s an honor to be on the team. Hopefully I will be able to do more to contribute here shortly.

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