Focus and Remember with Every Step

12112344_953765554683045_2578003559477064153_n“I want to say something in an effort to shed light on something that passes me by far to often. Maybe by doing this I can help others who don’t realize it is evading them to take notice as well. Throughout day to day life we are bombarded by negativity. So much so I believe we have tunnel vision. This obviously could simply be my perception, and I’m not making claim that everyday is almost always negative. I’m just saying that people can be down right nasty. Then there are these small glimmers of light. They come quickly, quietly and without expecting anything in return. Acts of generosity, respect, courtesy and selflessness. I notice these things as they happen, and am astounded and so appreciative of them. But, I seem quick to write them off. The moment a new negative arises, I forget that beautiful glimmer that happened just moments prior. I need to stop living day to day in such a pessimistic manor and focus more on the philanthropists of the world. Focus and remember.” – Shane Ayers

When I first met Shane I was impressed, not so much of his experience and skill of hiking and backpacking. Oh, don’t get me wrong, his skills do impress me. What I’m referring to his wisdom and perspective towards life and creation. He has a respect for creation that most today do not. He understands that creation can be both beautiful, peaceful and a place of comfort and awe. But he also understands it can be a place of violence and destruction. He understands and respects the rule and place creation has in our world, that it’s in control and it will do what it wants, when it wants.

I’m impressed with his knowledge of creation/nature and his love for it. He has a passion for the outdoors that many today do not and even take for granted.

Like many of us, Shane has a story, and it’s not my place to tell it. It’s his story and I’ve learned he tells his story best through each of his journey’s on the trail and in the woods.

We learn a lot from hiking and being outdoors. When we unplug and disconnect from the everyday, step out into nature and go for a hike, our minds become clearer. We are more focused and we remember almost every step we take. Life needs to be the same way. We need to remove those things that distract us, become more focused and remember what really matters.

Hike by Faith’s goal is to promote and introduce getting outdoors and hiking to others. Hike By Faith’s mission is simple. We want to introduce people to Jesus and His breathtaking creation through guided hikes and outdoor education to benefit their overall (physical, mental and spiritual) health.

I brought Shane on as a team member because he believes in what Hike By Faith wants to accomplish. So, as the founder of HBF I am glad I chose Shane to be a team member. He will have much to offer the rest of the team and even more so to our readers. Welcome to the team Shane!

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