Hiker of the Week – Shane Ayers


11889684_930621460330788_2635273848920097005_nEarlier this week we featured Jenni Bowser as our HOTW. So why are we adding another for this week? Good question. Shane and Jenni are not only a couple, but also hiking partners. Shane is the reason Jenni is hiking hardcore today.

There are hikers and then there are those that live to hike. Shane lives to hike, and I can’t agree with him more. He and I have sat around talking about hiking and backpacking trips. Our Facebook conversations about hiking would add up to hours, and we both agree that hiking is our life. If we could we’d hike everyday and get paid for it.

Shane not only is an avid hiker, but is experienced and knowledgeable. In simple terms…he knows his stuff.

Shane shared here why he loves hiking and what got him started.

My family has always been an outdoor loving family. It took me a while to really appreciate the outdoors. Now, the outdoors is my life.

Hiking, to me, is the greatest activity I can imagine. I hike to keep my sanity. You hear often in the hiking community; hiking allows you to disconnect from any trouble that the “real world” dishes out. The only worries I have while I’m out there are so primitive and benign that I actually enjoy them.

I enjoy the challenges that hiking and backpacking offers. You build your skill set almost every time you go out. You are certain to learn something new each and every time you head down the trail. I love looking out over the landscape and just taking in the fact that this is how the world looked before we came through.

Looking up and seeing so many stars, it overwhelms you. How many people know that we have night vision? How many people use it? There is just something so satisfying to the soul about being in tune and in time with nature.

Why do I hike? Because, hiking is life. It is rejuvenating, revitalizing, satisfying life

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3 thoughts on “Hiker of the Week – Shane Ayers

  1. As beautiful as this landscape can appear, especially this time of the year, I think about creation and the Creator and how this land must have looked BEFORE the flood. It absolutely rocks my boat trying to imagine this world before the flood & how it must have looked… That just naturally takes me to the next level and I dream of our Home & what Heaven will look like. Oh, these finite minds!!!!

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