Hiker of the Week – Jenni Bowser

I first met Jenni through Facebook and her boyfriend, Shane Ayers (you’ll read more about him soon). She is new to backpacking and has fallen in love with it. I will say this; what makes her Hiker of the Week is the fact she is hardcore for a newbie. Congrats on Hiker of the Week Jenni!


It’s been a little over two years since I started actually hiking. Growing up in the pine barrens and always being in the woods, cleared the path that led me to the passion I have for it today.

My boyfriend is also a huge reason I’m into it so hardcore now, s he took me on my very first back packing trip. When I throw my pack on my back and secure it, I truly feel at ease; as if I’m in my element. Diving into nature and walking off my stress is why I love it so much, disconnecting from civilization and just enjoying the pure natural beauty mother Earth has given us is what drives me. Doing it with the love of my life is an added bonus. I’m so very grateful that he has shown me all that he has and I cannot wait for more adventures with him.

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