Backpacking Etiquette

  1. Never sweep away debris at your tent site with your feet. Get down on all fours and pick up the pine cones etc.
  2. Digging trenches around your tent is out.
  3. Practice “leave no trace”. If there is an established fire pit, use it. If there isn’t one and you build a fire, be sure to remove all trace of it before you leave.
  4. Don’t wash with soap, biodegradable or not, while standing in a stream or lake. Fill a pan with water and wash well away from the body of water.
  5. What to do with solid wastes? The recommendations keep changing. You definitely should bury it and the most recent recommendation that I have read is that toilet paper should be carried out. You can burn it in your next campfire. I use paper towel instead of toilet paper. Cut each towel in six equal parts. You can better estimate how many you will need and I think they are less messy.
  6. Make an ultra-light backpackers trowel for burying solid waste. Mine weighs .9 oz and doubles as a tent stake. Cut a 7″ X 3/4″ piece of aluminum channel stock. With a file, place notches about an inch from one end and sharpen the other end to a dull rounded point.
  7. You may burn waste paper but plastic must be carried out.

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