Beginning A New Adventure

For every hike I take, whether it be a full day, part of the day or an overnighter, eventually the adventure ends only to have a new one begin again on another day.

Last week a long adventure ended as I walked out of what is now my former employee to walk into a new adventure this morning with what will be my new career. I’m excited for what’s ahead as I take on the task of news writer, marketer and ad sales for Only in the Cove. I’m thankful for my friend Mike who offered me this job. And I’m thankful to God for providing me a new career in a field I enjoy.

While I love to hike and backpack there is another part of my life where I have fun. Technology. To be more specific the are of social media and writing.

It’s still sinking in. The fact I am getting paid to play on the computer with social media and write news article for our local news outlet Only In The Cove.

So I look with anticipation for what’s ahead. And if you’re in the Cove or just outside I’d like to hear from you. Share your story or news. If you’re a business and looking to grow contact me as I’d be happy to talk to you about how OITC can launch your business.

And if you like stories about hiking, backpacking and the outdoors you can find them here at HBF AND on Only In The Cove.

“Smalltown news – glass ceiling marketing!”

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