Hikers & Hunters: Why Debate?

Here is Pennsylvania two lawmakers have once again introduced into legislation a bill to allow Sunday hunting. You can read the full article here.

This bill, which has been introduced before and turned down has reared it’s head again and it’s causing a stir between hikers and hunters…again. Personally I don’t have an issue one way to the other as to Sunday hunting. But in a recent Facebook post I did share my thoughts.

Here is what I shared in this debate:

– The “bring in more revenue” is an excuse. Think about it, hunters pay a fee to hunt. Its not like they pay per entry as if they are going to an amusement park, so increasing it another day isn’t going to bring in revenue. Raising the license rates will. Again, none of this makes sense and people on both sides are arguing a pointless matter. How are hunters going to impact your non-hunting lifestyles by hunting on Sundays? If I could see/ hear one valid reason great, but so far I haven’t.

– There was a time when men ventured into the woods. Crooked rules and greedy politicians segregated us into groups, hunters and non hunters. Where did our roots go? Our natural born instinct to be men who venture into the woods.

– Here is where as an avid hiker Im going to get flack from some fellow hikers but… I believe non-hunters who choose to venture into the woods need to realize its not our woods, the hunters or the states. Its a privilege to hike the woods, not a right. We throw around the “i have a right” thing too much. Ive come to learn how and where to hike during hunting season. Maybe other hikers who are complaining about this need some education. If so they wouldn’t gripe so much about this issue that truly shouldn’t be an issue.

– Im not for or against Sunday hunting. I am for a good balance so everyone can enjoy the outdoors without any one group monopolizing time or space. The state has designsted land for hunting which the hunters pay to keep them maintained. That leaves plenty of other areas for us hikers.

– Actually we as hikers get more time to enjoy those areas then hunters. Especially this time of year everything is green. Also stastically, there are less hikers during hunting season not because of hunting but rather weather and the season. I hike year round as do many others however the majority of hikers are not out in the winds in the winter. As hikers we have free reign of the trails for more months then hunters. Again, Im not for against Sunday hiking. But I do feel this is an issue being blown out of proportion on all sides. There are other states where hunters, hikers and backpackers co-mingle without such debates as this one.

The debate continues. What are your thoughts?

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