Prepping To Hike The LHHT

Next weekend I’m headed out to the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. Better knowns as the L “double H” T. On friday morning I’ll meet up with Dane “Sherpa” Cramer, a fellow hiker, brother in Christ, and writer. We’ll also be hiking with Rick Horwat, a big guy with an even bigger heart who dreams of one day living off grid.

Our plan is to meet at the Rt. 30 parking lot and hike south, stopping for the night at the Turnpike Shelters. The next day we’ll continue south and end our overnight trip at the Rt. 31 parking lot. This hike will be about 15 miles, not a long hike but we’ll put in about 7 to 8 miles each day.

We’ve chosen to make take this trip easy, not rushing things. Taking time to enjoy being outside, the views and the rolling landscape on both sides of the ridge and appreciating God’s creation.

Not to get off track but I was reminded of a thought I recently had after writing that last line and it was this; Our vision of God is way too small. And that’s one reason I enjoy being outside and hiking. To give me time to appreciate, worship and be reminded of who God is.

Friday when we arrive at the Turnpike Shelter area we plan to settler in, build a fire, resupply our water and enjoy some fellowship and I’m sure story telling. And if you haven’t read any of Dane’s books I recommend you do so as he is a good story teller. Eventually we’ll settle into our respective sleeping arrangements. I’ve reserved a shelter in case of a pop up thunderstorm which is notorious around this part of Pennsylvania in the summer season. If nothing else it will provide a nice place to relax out of the sun and enjoy a campfire.

As for my sleeping arrangements I’ll be using my new ENO Doublenest Hammock. This will be my first time hammock camping and I’m looking forward to it. There is some element of uncertainty. You see, I’ve tent camped all my life and being in a tent offers some sense of security despite having a thin layer of nylon fabric between you and the world outside. I guess it’s that sense of zipping up for the night that feels like I’m closing a door behind me. Despite the uncertainty I am excited about sleeping in the comfort of suspension and the sky above me, waking up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

So this week I prepare for my overnighter on the L”double h”T with Sherpa and Rick. Not only am I preparing physically for all the supplies I’ll need, but I’m also preparing spiritually. I’m praying it will be a time of refreshment and retreat.

I’ll be journaling our short journey and will be posting it here on my site. Now, where did I put my Jetboil?

3 thoughts on “Prepping To Hike The LHHT

  1. A few years ago I thru hiked the LHHT with Dane and used my hammock…… you won’t regret the choice to hike with him or sleep in a hammock…… no more roots, rocks to sleep on; or dragging yourself thru the mud to get in and out of you tent. Have a great trip
    Grace, Mercy & Peace

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