Popeye’s PCT Update 05/26/10

We woke up around 6 am and got our stuff packed up. We are going to leave everything in Sas’s tent and only hike with food and water today. When we are done with our hike we will hitch hike back here and pack our stuff and pick up our packages. We walked to the gas station to get snacks for the day and then started hitch hiking. We were a little bit worried at first because it seemed like all the cars were on the way to drop kids at school. It didn’t take too long though before an elderly gentlemen stopped to get us. He shuttles hikers all the time and knew exactly where we need to go.
We thanked him for the ride and started hiking. The trail was winding through another wind farm with three different types of windmills. There were small ups and downs but no significant climbs for the day. We took a short break about halfway through the hike for a snack. We could see the road when we still had about three miles to hike, which was a bit torturous. There was a downhill with really long switchbacks so it seemed to take forever. We had a 1.3 mile road walk to end the day. When we got to the highway we started to hitch hike. We were a little concerned because the cars were going so fast but it didn’t take too long before a lady stopped for us. She was super nice and took us to the post office, newspaper office (where we had mail drops to pick up) and back to the airport. She was awesome and we really appreciated that she was willing to take us to so many places.
When we got back to the airport we went through our mail drops and our fellow hikers were jealous that our moms are so good at mail drops. I was pretty popular when I shared my brownies with everyone! I also had the luck of meeting another physical therapist and he showed me a better way to wrap my ankle. He recommended taking a few days off but we will see.
We went back to the camping area to pack our stuff and figure out how we were going to get the 20 miles to Mojave to stay at the motel 6 where we can do laundry and enjoy a relaxing day off. First we needed lunch though so we walked to a German bakery and I had a really tasty homemade salad. We debated if we should try hitching in town or if we should walk to the highway and try to hitch from there. I really didn’t love the idea of hitching on the highway again but we thought it might be our best bet since it’s the direct way to Mojave. As we were walking (or in my case limping) towards the highway, a mother and daughter stopped the car to see if I was okay and if we needed to go somewhere. We told them we were trying to get to Mojave and they said the daughter would run home to grab her car and take us the whole way there. Such nice people! We sat in the grass and waited for her to come back. She was really nice and interested in our trip. We offered her gas money but she refused. We are friends on Facebook now so she can follow the rest of our trip. Thanks for the ride Brooke!!
We got to the motel and checked in. Next we went to George and Gail’s room for margaritas! Next on the list of activities was showers and then dinner with G and G. We met hikers Boon and Endless at dinner and chatted with them while we ate. The restaurant was closing and we got the hint to leave as they started turning the lights off. We went back to our room and I fell asleep right away.


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