I want to work outside…all day.

This will be out of the norm coming from me, but here goes…

I’m tired of my current job. My ideal job at this stage of my life is to be outdoors in the woods. It’s not impossible to achieve, but it is a challenge. I’m not a twenty something fresh out of college who doesn’t mind surviving for a bit on a meager salary and sharing an apartment with friends.

For those who know me it’s no doubt I prefer to be outside in the woods as much as possible. I’ll take a long hike over going to work any day. However, one must work to provide for his family. Don’t get me wrong, work is not an issue as long as I enjoy it, and the only thing I enjoy about my job currently is I get to help people. It’s far different then what I used to do. I was in full time ministry, but after over fifteen years I had enough. I reached burnout. I was tired, stressed and eventual anxiety set in. I knew it was time to move on.

But moving on has not been completely satisfying. I currently work in retail selling technology. I have to say, the longer I’m in it the more I’m getting tired of technology. Earlier this week a customer came in upset. Well, more like irate. I had not met this person before so I knew off the bat that whatever had her worked up was not my fault. She proceeded to share with me that her Facebook app was not working on her phone. It was a simple fix really. The issue was not her phone but rather the app not functioning properly. Delete the app and reinstall. Problem solved. Move on. The issue I had was the fact she was irate, worked up over Facebook not working on her phone. Is this what we’ve become? Have we become so dependent on social media that when it doesn’t function we get stressed, irate and take it out on some unsuspecting sales professional who’s desire is to help?

If this is what we’ve become then I don’t want any part of it. I’m finding the older I get, and I’m not old by any means, I am desiring less stuff and more life experiences. Simple is what I need and want. To live a quiet life, minding my own business and working with my hands. (1 Thessalonians 4:11)

For now, my current job, selling technology, is where God has me and I will continue to work each day as I always do, giving 110%. But I’ll be honest and human in my sharing, if at all possible Lord could you provide me with a job working outside in the woods. Because, and I’m trying not to so please forgive me, but customers walking in with their first world complaints is really getting to me.

So what is my dream job? To be outside all day.

Anyone willing to hire a former youth pastor in his mid-forties who loves hiking and want to be outside all day for a position that meets that criteria?

I guess the point I’m trying to make, aside from blindly throwing out a line to find a job outside, is to say this…

We all have or had moments in our life when we’re not satisfied with our job or career. We want something more, better. But God provides and puts us in places we may not want to be for a reason and a season. And it may take a full season to know the why. In the meantime, put in your best for Him because ultimately you’re working for Him. As for me I’ll continue helping people with their technology no matter how ridiculous they may be until God brings me to a new place and another season. It’s time to choose a job I love so I’ll never work a day in my life again.


One thought on “I want to work outside…all day.

  1. I can definitely relate to this. It is part of the beauty of being out on the trail. There is no Facebook or cell phones or other technology to distract us from nature and each other.

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