Baltimore Riots & My Response

You might not like what I’m about to share and that’s okay, I’m not writing this to impress you. It’s my personal rant, a way to vent about the events taking place in Baltimore. Two words best describe how I feel…”fed up.”

The riots in Baltimore started as a result of teenagers planning ahead of time to meet at a mall for a ‘purge,’ based from a 2013 movie. Police received word of this through social media and of course did their job. They showed up on the scene to serve and protect. And that’s when things began to erupt into the chaos we saw on the news for the next several hours and into the night. These teenagers who felt doing a ‘purge’ would be their way to be heard (totally misguided), then proceeded to throw rocks, bottles and other objects at the police officers. I watched the police do what they could to protect themselves and not one officer got out of hand. I watched as I saw several officers get carried away after being pummeled with flying debris. And as I watched it made me more angry, frustrated and fed up.

So what am I fed with? Good question.

I’m fed with…

– entitlement issues; many feel they are entitled to everything. ” the world owes me” is what they think and even say. Here is a truth, the world doesn’t owe you a thing. Especially if you choose to live like a thug and criminal. Actually if thats the lifestyle someone chooses to live, what the world owes them is jail time.

– with protestors and now rioters taking out their frustration and anger out on police officers who had nothing to do with the events that led to what happened. Since when do we blame all police officers. A man dies while in the hands of police and it’s the fault of all police officers. Ok, so if that is the thinking then it’s ok for us to blame the riots on the whole community. Correct? No. Whatever happened to Freddie Gray that day will be discovered and anyone responsible will be help accountable.

– with people making this a racial issue. Stop, just stop! It’s not a racial issue. It’s a SIN issue…period! Calling it a racial issue is just an excuse and a poor excuse. Why? because we don’t want to take responsibility for our own actions anymore. It’s always someone else’s fault.

– with the media. I won’t go into length regarding the media, it’s simple. You. Make. Things. Worse!

So yes, I’m fed up. However, do you want to know what I’m fed up with more than anything? What it is that really gets me worked up over all this chaos and crime? Those who are suppose to be my brothers and sisters in Christ. We’re quick to voice our opinions as well as what needs to be done. I’ve heard some even use harsh language and hate to voice what they think is going on. In the past 12 hours some of the harshest language I’ve heard or read about the people in Baltimore has come from those I should consider my brothers and sisters in Christ. So I have a message for them; You’re no better then the criminals who have been rioting in the streets. The only difference between them and you…you’re doing your rioting with your mouth and speaking hateful words. Your sin is just as bad as their crime. You’re no better then the rioters. Truth is we’re equal. Oh, did that touch a nerve? I’m sure someone is thinking right now; “I’m not equal to them.” Actually in the sight of God we are. God says we are ALL sinners. We’re not sinners because we sin, we sin because we’re sinners. Sinners in desperate need of a savior. And it’s only through the cross, the grace, forgiveness and love of Jesus that we can be saved.

I’m fed up because for many “Christians” we talk too much. We’re quick to voice our opinions and personal preferences with passion, but aren’t turning that passion into speaking the gospel and doing everything we can to tell others about Jesus. We want things fixed and better, but we don’t tell people about Jesus. We have the cure for what ails us.

So what am I really fed up with? I’m fed up with Christians not doing what we are commanded to do and that’s telling others about Jesus, the life changer.

And I’m fed up with myself because I’m just as guilty…

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