Popeye Update: The Adventure Begins

Today Aletha’s husband Mike drove Karate Kid, Sas and I to the start of the trail. We are so thankful for Aletha and her wonderful family! It was incredible trail magic before we even started hiking. We got an early start, leaving around 5:30. By 7:00 we were at the monument getting our picture taken. I could hardly believe it was real! We headed down the trail, moving at a pretty fast pace. We were all feeling good and excited to be out here. We hiked a couple hours and then found a good spot to stop for a break. The terrain here is so different from anything I’ve ever seen and it’s really incredible! When you picture the desert, it’s easy to picture really barren land but there is so much different vegetation out here and tons of really cool boulders. We were all in awe the entire day.
The first water source on the trail isn’t until mile 20 so we knew we had to carry enough water to get there. I drank a liter on the way to the trail and carried 5 liters, which I hoped would be enough. It stayed a pretty comfortable temperature until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Unfortunately we hit the big climb of the day during the heat. I had to take it slow and be careful not to get overheated. I had to ration my water a little bit even though I thought I’d have plenty. Karate Kid and I waited for Sas at the top and then Sas and I hiked the rest of the way to the campground and Karate Kid hiked ahead.
We got there and immediately showered off the days worth of sweat and dirt. It was nice out so we decided to cowboy camp, which I never did on the AT. Cowboy camping is when you don’t set up a tent and just sleep under the stars. It was a beautiful night with a sky full of stars. Day one on the PCT couldn’t have been any better!

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