HBF Stops at Sipes Smokehouse BBQ

Whenever I go hiking I take a snack unless I’ll be on an all day hike, in which case I pack a small meal. Hiking is great exercise and burns calories, especially on more difficult trails with elevation changes. From time to time after a good hike where I work up a hunger it’s nice to come home to a full cooked meal. But today we stopped for a treat.

Today, Gus and I decided to stop and grab some lunch at a place we drive by everyday, Sipes Smokehouse BBQ.

Brian Sipes sets up his custom built thirty foot trailer along Rt. 36 in Roaring Spring every Thursday and on weekends. He’s open from 11 to 5, but can be seen early in the morning setting up and stoking the bbq pit.


This year Brian started his season five weeks early and already business is booming with customers calling and places orders.

If you like great BBQ I recommend Sipes Smokehouse. Especially after a good hike in the Cove. He bbq’s the meat slow and low giving it a great smoke flavor. And to top it off, literally, his own bbq sauce gives it an added kick. What I love about his bbq is it has a nice smokey flavor and kick without the bbq sauce. His secret must be in the seasoning while it cooks. The bbq sauce only enhances the flavor.

Here is what Brian has to say about his Sipes Smokehouse BBQ; “Sipes Smokehouse BBQ is a North Carolina Style bbq. We have ribs, pulled pork, chicken, brisket (Texas style) Pit Beef and pit ham. Our food is full of flavor! I have been working on my own sauce and dry rub for 7 years until I got it just right.We are planning on having our BBQ sauce bottled and will offer it for sale later this year. I love what I do and appreciate my customers. We also do catering and festivals.

For many camping, hiking, backpacking, and boating Raystown Lake on the weekends, this is a great spot for take out. Sipes Smokehouse BBQ has meal deals for the whole family. Imagine sitting down around the campfire after setting up camp on a Friday evening, after a long week at work digging into some North Carolina style bbq.

So the next time you find yourself on this end of the Cove be sure to stop by Sipes Smokehouse BBQ and tell Brian that Hike By Faith sent you. Don’t forget to ask him for some of his bbq sauce to take home. Oh yeah, ask him about his fully loaded fries. You’ve never seen fully loaded fries like Sipes Smokehouse BBQ fries.

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