Tuesday Tip: Hike Your Way, Hike His Way

You’ve seen it and heard it. You’ve probably used it. The phrase HYOH – hike your own hike.

These days all over the internet you can find blogs talking about the benefits of HYOH and others talking against the phrase HYOH. Others are passionate and firm about HYOH. And others are passionately against HYOH.

Here is my thought on the topic. Who cares?

The truth is we all have learned from and still are learning tricks and tips to help us on our hikes. I have learned from you and you have learned from me and in the end I will hike my way and you will hike your way.

But yet, the hiking community, which has become a close community for many, is bickering and arguing over something like HYOH. Does it matter? No. We each have our own journeys that is best for us and is enjoyable. It’s like life, my journey is not your journey.

So here is my Tuesday tip for this week. Do you enjoy hiking and backpacking? Well then get out there, find a trail and hike your way. Don’t worry about what others think or say. It’s not their hike. It’s not their journey.

This also applies to life. Hike your life’s journey, trust in God, allow Jesus to be your trail guide and stop allowing other people to determine your journey. Don’t make people bigger then God. Allow people to encourage you, but don’t allow them to make your life decisions. It’s your journey, not theirs.


So often and too many time we make decisions based on what others think. I know, I’ve fought this battle for many years. And it’s now a battle I’m tired of fighting. God has and is showing me that it doesn’t matter what others think and I shouldn’t allow what others think to influence what I do. Neither should you.

So to all those who say HYOH is a good idea and to those who say it’s a bad idea…you’re entitled to your opinion. As for me I will hike my way, I will hike His way.

Hike by faith and hike His way, on the trail and through life and you’ll find things will be easier because it really doesn’t matter what others think. What matter is what God thinks, and He thinks VERY highly of you. More than you’ll ever comprehend.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Hike Your Way, Hike His Way

  1. In hiking and in life, it is the doing that matters most. The how is something we find along the way for ourselves. If we are open to it, a lot of answers are out there waiting to be found, but we have to go find them!

    Loved this post 🙂

    1. Correct, but sadly too many of us, myself included because we’re all guilty of it at some point, step off the trail we’re suppose to be on and follow someones elses and want to know what they think about ours. Thereby taking our eyes off our journey that God has planned out for us.

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