R&R In Gettysburg

This weekend we’re enjoying some much needed r&r and our place of choice…Gettysburg.

As we made our way through town we were stopped in our tracks when we say the sunset across the field where Pickett made his famous charge.


As I sit on the porch of the cottage sipping coffee and writing this brief post, the weekend is just getting started. On the agenda today, some hiking around the Gettysburg battle fields. But for the most part this weekend is about resting. Taking time away from the daily routine and truly resting.

There is no particular agenda, as a matter fact, we’re winging it. And that’s ok. We live a culture wrapped around agendas and schedules. Everyone is in a hurry to get some where, to accomplish something, in a short amount of time as fast as they can and move onto the next item on the agenda. Ugh, I’m tired just thinking about it.

We’ve lost of art of sitting still and doing nothing.

So here I sit on the front porch of a cottage drinking coffee and being still. Gus is by my side and not even he has a care in the world as to whats next or where we’re going.


Remember, life is a journey we hike by faith and at times we need to sit and do nothing. Because despite culture and society today, sitting and doing nothing is perfectly ok. As a matter of fact God commands us to rest. I mean, He did and He’s God.

“Be still and know..” Psalm 46:10

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