Don’t Get Up…On Your Own

Reposted from last March 2014

Spring is officially just over a week away. This weekend I took advantage of the warmer temps…mid forties. Yes, for us here in the Cove who have been experiencing single digit temps for what seems like weeks, the mid forties is a heat wave.

Saturday I ventured out onto the MST near Yellow Creek. The new bridge crossing over was something I was looking forward to since it opened. The trail climbing up the mountain was snow covered and muddy is some spots but it never deterred me from my journey. I kept focused on the trail ahead being sure to take each step carefully. One wrong slip and I would have been head over heels down the mountain side with nothing to stop me but trees and rocks.

Life’s hiking trail can also be slippery and if we’re not paying attention it can cause us to slip and fall. It’s what Satan wants. He wants to catch us off guard in those moments we THINK we have it together.

While slipping and falling on life’s trail hurts there is good news. Jesus is there to pick us up and carry us back to firm footing and back on the trail heading in the right direction. But there is one important and very key element, you have to let Him. Too often we try to pick ourselves up under our own power and like a clumsy fool we reach, grab and lose our footing.

Remember, life is one long hiking trail and when you slip off the trail you can either lay there and do nothing, attempt to get up under your own strength or trust in the One who has the power to get you where you need to go. You just need to let Him lead.




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