Simple Hiking Hacks

I’m always looking for and coming up with ways to save money, space and time for hiking and backpacking. So we’re sharing some simple hiking hacks you can use on your next backpacking trip.

Bring the spice rack – Your meals don’t have to be bland and tasteless. You can bring all favorite spices without carrying all those bottles them come in. Using drinking straws cut them in half, crimp and seal with heat one end of the straw. Fill it with your favorite spice then crimp and seal the other end. Use a medicine bottle to store them in and now you’ve got your own personal spice rack for the trail. Empty TicTac containers work well also.

Firestarters – Dip cotton balls or cotton pads in wax or vaseline. Store in a air tight ziplock baggies. These work great as firestarters as they burn slow allowing you time to build your tinder and get a fire going.

Rain Proof – Line the inside of your backpack with a garbage bag for added rain protection

First Aid in a bottle – Empty medicine bottles make good containers for storing and keeping dry basic first aid items like band-aids.

Bug proof – Pitch your tent with the entrance facing into the wind to discourage annoying pests like gnats and mosquitos from congregating.

Downsize food – Empty bulk food, air filled food items into ziplock baggies. Be sure to remove air before sealing.

Hung out to dry – Binder clips can be used to hang wet or damp clothes as they are stronger then your average cloths pin.

These are jut several hiking hacks, but we want to hear fro you. What hiking hacks have you used?

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