Trail Review: Blue Knob SP, Mt. View Trail

Mountain View Trail: 5 miles, double red blaze, difficult hiking

Fall Hiking Tip: Dry leaves can be just as slippery as wet leaves, especially on rocky areas of a trail. Fall leaves can also cover and hide holes and other obstacles. Trekking poles are recommended on this trail.

A hike along the Mountain View Trail will provide a southwestern view along the Appalachian Plateau from the Pavia Overlook. This is a trail for the more experienced hiker and mountain biker. The trail begins east of the Willow Springs Picnic Area heading northeast then loops around Beaverdam Creek at about 2 miles. It swings back down to reach an overlook at about 3 miles then another overlook at 3.5 miles. At this point the trail turns north again traveling almost to the edge of the park before heading back down to the Willow Springs Picnic Area. This trail is for hikers and mountain bikers only. The ‘Look Out’ loop is suitable for the whole family, but the remainder of the trail is recommended only for adults in good hiking condition. Proper footgear (boots) is recommended because the terrain is steep and rugged. Access points to different sections of the trail are limited. Park at the sharp bend in Tower Road approaching the ski resort.Note: Just before the first overlook, there is a small foot path which bisects the woods and leads to the other sides of this trail.

Directions: From Spring Hill, PA, Travel east on SR 164 about 8 – 10 miles. Turn right (south) onto SR 869 and travel it about 8 miles to the state park. After entering the park, turn left on Knob Road then turn right onto Whysong Road and follow it to Willow Springs Overlook and Picnic Area. Trail begins on the east side of the picnic area.

The park is named after the majestic quartzite peak, Blue Knob. Blue Knob is the second highest point of land in the state at 3,146 feet above sea level, 67 feet less than Pennsylvania’s tallest mountain, Mount Davis, in Somerset County. The views from Blue Knob are spectacular, since Blue Knob is situated on a spur of the Allegheny Front overlooking the scenic Ridge and Valley Province to the east.

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