Backpacking Tip: DIY Stoves

There are numerous homemade alcohol stoves designs. You can choose from these basic (and popular) options: cat-can-stove …A tuna can stove / cat can stove Made out of two cans, one smaller then the other. Holds some fiberglass inside. Very simple to assemble. These are the best instructions I found on the web: pepsi can stove …Pepsi can stove Made out of two similar soda cans. Works on the same principle as Trangia (open jet). My favorite – by far! And another two links: view1.asp?id=263&selfpath=/86


…Penny stove Another stove that is made out of two identical soda cans. The principle here is different (Pressurized  Alcohol Stoves). Just follow the instructions in these two great links: /backpackstove.htm If you got some DIY skills, you can easily overcome all of these designs. All of them are really popular and you can find lots of design explanations in the web.

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