Trials upon trials. The journey on the AT begins.

We continue to follow Drew Burnett on his run through the A.T. Here is his most recently blog update – Running for Eden.

Running for Eden

As I sit in a hotel near East Millinocket on Sunday afternoon, it would be easy to be discouraged about this journey. After all, I did leave Rome 12 days ago. I have been in Maine for 10 days now. But I will let you know I am not discouraged but hopeful. Hopeful that God will continue the work he started almost a year ago. Hopeful that I will see miracles. Hopeful that God give me the strength to carry on.

On the trip up as we neared Millinocket, the Rv leaked out all the Antifreeze on I-95. Stephanie and I made it to the exit before the engine completely shut down. A man immediately stopped to help, as he saw we were completely surrounded by smoke. He just happened to have the tool in his garage to check where the antifreeze was leaking from. He also just happened to…

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