Rethinking the Trail

While backpacking Terrace Mountain Trial is appealing; after researching, talking to the USACE, and personally scouting out sections of the trail, I’m rethinking my location (trail) for this coming weekend.

What information is provided about the trail is not accurate or up to date. A large section of the trail no longer exists or was never completed. Other sections are barely maintained or rarely hiked. Several times I hiked upon areas where the trail disappeared as well as the blue blaze marks. Water sources listed in information researched are either dried up or stagnant.

The sections I was able to hike are beautiful as it skirts along the shore of Raystown Lake, but as for taking a lone backpacking trip I have some safety concerns. So tonight I am rethinking the trail and will be choosing another one for my trip. I have less then a week to plan and prepare.

When choosing a trail for backpacking what do you look for?

Safety and preparation are important. There are certain steps I take in preparing the safety aspect of backpacking. What steps do you take? What are some tools you use to prepare for a safe backpacking trip?

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