Two Weeks And Counting…

Two weeks…the amount of time I have to wait and prepare for my backpacking trip on Terrace Mountain Trial. Twenty nine miles in two days along Raystown Lake on a trail through US Army Corp of Engineers territory.

I’ll begin my hike at Gate 27, the north end of the trail just above Raystown Lake dam, and will head south where I’ll finish at Weaver Falls Bridge.

My goal is to hike fifteen to sixteen miles the first day and set camp at Trough Creek State Park. There are also two newly rebuilt shelters on the trail which leaves me with options in case of weather. Otherwise I’ll be using my new Koppen Lokal tent.

IMG_3042The trail is filled with history, wildlife and geological formations. I recently spoke with a ranger at the USACE about the trail and to gain some information that will be helpful for my trip. I was pleased to find out their willingness to not only help but also provide me with support. They informed me the trail is seldom traveled by backpackers and most of the traffic comes in the form of day hikers in the Trough Creek SP section.

The challenge of this trip…I’ll be backpacking it alone. It’s a challenge I’ve accepted and look forward to.

I’m taking this trip as a personal challenge, a training weekend to prepare for more long distance backpacking. But I’m also taking for a deeper personal reason. In the days to come as I prepare I’ll share what the reason is and why.

In the meantime the clock has started counting down and I’d appreciate your prayers as I begin to prepare for this journey. A journey that will require me to hike by faith and trust.


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