Trail Review: Terrace Mountain Trail

imagesTerrace Mountain Trail (TMT) traverses the entire eastern side of Raystown Lake, providing an opportunity for challenging day and overnight hikes through remote and sometimes rugged terrain.  Wildlife and Scenic views abound for those wishing to follow a path less traveled.

Beginning at the south end of the lake near Weaver Falls, the first 5.5 miles (8.9 km) of the trail follows the old Tressler logging road onto the wooded slopes of Terrace Mountain. During a steep 1-mile (1.6 km) climb, you can stop for water at Putt’s Boy Scout Camp (mile 2.8 [km 4.5]). The trail continues through mature hardwood forest dominated by hickoryoak, and maple, with spectacular spring wildflowers.

At mile 7.1 (km 11.4), the trail crosses Tatman Run at one of two steep valleys along the ridge. A quarter-mile access road at mile 7.3 (km 11.7) leads to Tatman Run Access Area, with picnicking, drinking water, and beach facilities. At mile 8.1 (km 13.0), the trail passes throughRothrock State Forest, a designated wild area protected from future development.

Close to mile 12 (km 19), the trail crosses Great Trough Creek via a wooden footbridge. Cool off on a hot summer day by stepping down into the ice mine, where ice is usually present from spring through August. At mile 16.4 (km 26.4), the trail splits: The uphill trail shortcuts along the ridge, and the downhill trail hugs the lake before climbing to rejoin the other spur at mile 16.6 (km 26.7).

At mile 18 (km 29), an overnight shelter is designated for construction using lumber harvested from the surrounding woods. Wildlife use the area extensively because the topography of the land funnels them into that area. A sign of wildlife that is often found in this area is “turkey scratching,” small patches of bare ground made when wild turkeys rake away the leaves and debris in the search for food. At mile 22.5 (km 36.2), if you look directly across the lake, you will see Susquehanock Campground.

The last 10 miles (16 km) of trail are under construction and difficult to travel in some areas. The trail crosses several old natural gas and petroleum pipeline areas before passingRaystown Dam and continuing above the Raystown branch of the Juniata River and ending at Corbin’s Bridge, mile 27 (km 43), near the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Point Access Area.

Distance: 29 miles

Type: linear trail

Rating: moderate to strenuous

Terrain: sloping, moderate to rigorous inclines

Surface: dirt, rock, steps

Ecosystem: forest, lake shore, meadow


  • Wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Lake views
  • Geologic formations
  • Cultural and historical landmarks
  • Suspension Bridge
  • Overnight Backpacking

2 thoughts on “Trail Review: Terrace Mountain Trail

  1. I’m curious, did you actually hike this trail? Your description looks as though it was copied and pasted from several online sites describing the trail. And therefore pretty much useless.
    We plan to thru hike SOBO and it would be useful to know if trail is blazed from that direction and if both of the planned shelters have been completed. Also if the SOBO end of the trail is actually complete to mile 26/27 or not??
    Anyone thats actually been on this section with some updates or info would be appreciated.

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