We Do Second Chances


Yesterday I as strolled through a local greenhouse I came across this sign. As I stood and read it I was struck with the truth behind it that is lived out in the lives of my family. In this place we do second chances.
It’s why God created rainbows. They are a visual reminder letting us know He gives second chances. Truth is, in His grace and mercy He gives more then a second chance. I know first hand from my own life. As Skippy and I drove into town yesterday evening God gave me another visual; In this place we do second chances.


Oh, I didn’t tell you about Skippy. Some have asked me if adopting him so soon after CJ passing is a good idea and have even asked if I’m trying to replace CJ. First off, there is no replacing CJ, he was one of a kind and there will not be another CJ. Just as there will not be another Skippy. Every dog is an individual. They have their own character and personality. Just like you and I there is not another person like us, and I treat my dogs as such…an individual. CJ will always live in my heart and continues to go hiking with me, but after a period of mourning I came to have peace with adopting Skippy. In time, CJ’s legacy will live on even more through Skippy with each hiking adventure we take.

So who is Skippy? Friday evening I rescued him from our local Humane Society. He and I have a lot of adjusting to do, but with each moment we are bonding. It’s like that first time you go off to college and meet your dorm room buddy, there is a slight awkwardness in the air but you’re ready to make it work.


Skippy had been returned to the shelter twice and his most recent trip landed him there for a few months. He’s a Jack Russell Terrier mix, I know, a far cry from my love of mini schauzers, but when I met him something clicked. I saw a dog with energy and love just waiting for the right person to come along and say; “I’ll give you a good home, lots of love and by the way, we do second chances.”

These past few days have been centered on second chances everywhere I look. God grabbed my full attention using the sign, Skippy, and the rainbow, among other things. But God’s greatest second chance came when His Son stretched His arms on the cross and said, “it is finished.”

Remember, life is one long hiking trip and if something veers you off the right trail Jesus is there to say; “in this place we do second chances.”

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