See You Later My Friend (CJ)

Though he battled congestive heart failure these past few months CJ was always his happy self. What made him the happiest was being by my side wherever I went. He was my hiking buddy, companion and best friend. He never liked when I left for work in the morning and always greeted me at the door. He loved and needed his hugs when I got home, with his paws wrapped around my neck and his chin on my shoulder. His distinct mini schnauzer grunts, each had its meaning, it was how he spoke. He always hung on my every word, with a head tilt here, a raised eyebrow there with ears arched and would reply with a simple…hmmmff. His favorite spot to be pet…his ears. It didn’t take much for him to fall asleep with just a view gentle strokes of his ears.

Tonight I mourn the lose of my best friend and family member. CJ passed away in my lap with one last look into my eyes and his chin on my knee to say good bye. I will always cherish the memories of our time together. Every trail hiked, car ride through the country and being lazy watching tv. Tonight he’s hiking trails of gold, chasing ducks, rolling in green pastures and some day we’ll climb the ultimate summit together with a view no earthly eye can comprehend. I’ll see you again buddy, until then it’s not good bye but rather see you later. I’ll be sure to hike every trail we’ve dreamt about and I’ll hike them for you. I’ll hike by faith, press on and fight the good fight because I know it’s what you’d want me to keep doing.



6 thoughts on “See You Later My Friend (CJ)

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Our canine hiking companions are so in sync with us and us with them. There is rarely a need for words. They know us, wholly, completely, and love us the same. I am sure when CJ is not off chasing rabbits in fields of eternal green he will be there by your side, sharing the trail with you.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate it. And yes, he’s chasing rabbits and ducks on perfect patches of green grass. He’ll be with me every mile I hike.

  2. I too lost my dog of 12 years Lola to congestive heart failure. On a cool spring day about a month ago, I buried one of my best friends just off of a trail my family and I hike together. Lola is now in the woods with a beautiful magnolia tree to provide her shade and a perfect spot to watch the squirrels all day long. Thank you so much for sharing CJ with us.

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