Here Is Where I’m Free


Here is where I’m free…

Away from the routine of daily life, of coffee runs, tapping away on the keyboard and endless phone calls.

Here is where I’m free…

From the pressure of answering text messages from those who get upset when you don’t reply…immediately. I mean, if your life is dependent on text communication instead of one one then I feel sorry for you. Life is not at the tip of our thumbs. Get out and experience the world God created he has amazing things to show you.

Here is where I am free…

From the drama and ridiculous garbage people post on Facebook.

From thinking about bills, debt owed and the daily to-do list.

Here in the woods hiking is where I am free. Where do you go to be free?


2 thoughts on “Here Is Where I’m Free

  1. I haven’t had Facebook in several years, so that definitely helps keep me free. Here in Korea my wife and I go camping and hiking nearly every weekend the weather allows, it gets us out of the concrete jungle and away from all the day-to-day stressors.

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