Be Still But…

“Be still and know I am God…” – Psalm 46:10

During lunch today I took a short hike along a stream then sat by the water to be still but…

But I got to thinking about being still. Do we, in our culture today, even know what it means to be still AND know He is God?

God, I will be still but…
– let me take one more call to set up a meeting about that meeting we just had.
– let me post this pic real quick so all my friends can see what I had for lunch.
– I have to answer this text that in reality isn’t pressing but if the person on the other end doesn’t hear from me soon they might think I’m ignoring them or something is wrong.
– let me check Facebook to see how many people liked my status.

We have a lot of “I’ll be still but…” moments don’t we. We haven’t mastered the art of being still and thinking about Him. Instead our lives are filled with distractions and the biggest distraction…technology at our fingers tips.

I’m learning even more what it means to be still and think about Him. Even while trekking up a mountain trail my heart is still and I’m thinking about Him. Not the text I got or the Facebook notification that won’t matter moments after checking it.

What about you? Are you learning to be still and know Him? Or are you preoccupied at your finger tips with something that won’t matter later and will be forgotten moments after clicking the home screen?

Be still and know…but
What is getting in way?


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