Monday Minute: Are You Ready to Drop Your Nets?

fishermenWriting… It’s something I’ve enjoyed and done for the past 6 years. At one point I was not only writing for my own website, Xposed2Jesus, which no longer exists, but I also wrote freelance for a few websites and a ministry magazine. I gave up the Xposed2Jesus website a little over a year ago when I decided to step away from full time ministry. About a year ago I created this website, Hike by Faith. My intention was and is to have a platform to write about the outdoors and hiking and how they tie into my faith. Something I enjoy and continues to become a big a part of my life. However, over the past year I’ve noticed my writing hasn’t been what it used to be. Something has been missing and this past weekend I finally figured it out.

You see, for the past year I haven’t written the way I use to because I’ve been holding back out of some inner feeling as if I don’t have a right to write about subjects and topics I’m passionate or feel strongly about. Negative thoughts placed on myself by trials I’ve faced. But I realized something, writing keeps me from bottling things up inside. A painter uses his brush and canvas to create art. As a writer, pen and paper are my voice and at times a punching bag.

So if you came to Hike by Faith expecting to read reviews on outdoor gear you might want to check out Backpacker Magazine instead. If you’re here expecting every post to be something fluffy and sensitive you won’t always find it on Hike by Faith. But if you’re looking for truth from scripture, stories about faith and life, adventures in the outdoors and an occasional rant you’ve come to the right place.

Because to hike by faith one must accept ALL truth from scripture, even if it make us squirm. I know at times it makes me squirm, but I’ve learned I’d rather face the truth and squirm then not face it all.

So, are you ready to squirm a bit? Are you ready to tackle, wrestle through, and hike with determination some of the tough topics we face daily in our culture and faith? My goal through writing; to expose others to Jesus, His truth and the things in our culture and lives that are getting in the way from dropping our nets and following Him immediately.

Are you ready to drop your nets?



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