Stay Positive & Don’t Give Up…Right to the Very End.

Over the last year CJ, my mini schnauzer and hiking buddy has taught me a lot about life. But the two that stand out the most; remain positive and never give up. This past October CJ was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The vet didn’t think he’d make it to Thanksgiving. Now almost four months later CJ is still here with me. His hiking days are over, his little heart can’t take the simplest of activities anymore. These days I carry him almost everywhere he needs to go. Even on his worst day he still shows in his face through that fuzzy mustache a glimmer of hope and a positive smile.

Over the past week his condition has gotten worse and yet he shows, at times, he’s not giving up so easily.

A year ago CJ was by my side through a tough time in my life. These days, I’m by his, offering comfort, warmth and a lot of love. We don’t have a time table for how long we will be together. Actually, we are choosing not to live by how much time we have left, but rather how we’re using the time we do have. His little heart (the physical one) is getting weaker all the time, but it’s his big heart that keeps him going. I’ve had my days here recently I thought for sure he was going to move on, but something inside him keeps him going as if he has something unfinished to do in his life. Whatever it is, we’re cherishing every moment, remaining positive and not giving up right to the very end.

Remember, life is one long hiking trip, and how you hike it makes all the difference. Remain positive and never give up…right to the very end.


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