Can You Help Me Find It?

An hour into 2014.


I’m not one to stay up late on New Year’s or go out. Maybe I’m getting the “I’m getting old” thinking. Or maybe it’s because I simply enjoy spending my time in the quietness of home with family or alone watching movies and ringing in the New Year by snoozing and dreaming of the year ahead.

An hour into 2014 and I find myself awakened. CJ needed a midnight snack and a brief visit to the bush outside. Needless to say he chose a very cold and windy night to do his business this late.

So once I stepped outside, without a coat, and waited for him to…go, as well as finish, the cold woke me up further like a rude alarm clock that you just want to punch in the face.

An hour into 2014 and I find myself not reflecting on the past year. I’ve done a lot of that throughout the year, too much reflecting actually. No, instead I find myself thinking about the year ahead.

I’m not one to make resolutions. No one keeps them. At least not many I know. Besides, I resolved months ago what I NEED to do for myself in the year and year’s to come. And that’s to do everything in my own power, at least what I can, and trust Jesus for the power I don’t have, to keep a promise.

What is that promise? Well, it’s not a long list of things I want to change, God is already doing that, I just need to continue to allow Him to do so. It’s not a list of goals. I already have a list of dreams and the steps to be taken to achieve these dreams are my goals.

An hour into 2014 and my promise is to do God’s will no matter what it is or how difficult it might be, but I need some help keeping this promise because I can’t keep it on my own. So I’ve asked Him for help. Can you help me find it, is the question I’m asking Him.

His response to me an hour into 2014; “Ask Me that question everyday and I will.”

Remember, life is one long hiking trip and to follow the trail means following the will of the Leader. Even if it might be difficult or seem uncertain. Because the truth is, His leading and will are far better then our own way.

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