I Hate Sin!

I hate sin! I truly do. I hate it even more knowing it’s something I’ll deal with until I die and meet Jesus face to face.

It’s a cancer. A disease that rots from the inside out and the only cure is Jesus.

I hate the sin within me. I hate the sinful thoughts I have from time to time. I hate it so much it angers me, frustrates me and saddens me.

Then I remember, I can hate sin but it doesn’t have to bring me down, cause me to beat myself up or frustrate me. Because thanks to Jesus, I don’t have to fight sin alone. Jesus fought it and won! And that’s something to praise Him for and drives me to my knees in joy, peace and worship.

Knowing that gives me what I need to fight back the sin I hate.

Remember, life is one long hiking trip and there is a predator on the trail called sin. We can cower, hide and run or we can fight knowing our trail leader (Jesus) has already beaten the predator called sin.


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