Monday Minute: Simple is Better

keepitSimpleSimple is better…

When I moved back to the Cove, I moved here for simpler living. A quiet small country community surrounded by mountains and woods. I’ve come to appreciate this lifestyle because at heart I’ve always been a simple guy that appreciates the simpler things in life. I’ve learned that too much stuff is just, well…too much stuff. And that our society moves too fast, misses so much, and believes that success in life comes from a career. I’ve learned that simpler is better.

I like my chips plain and dipped in peanut butter (i know, weird. I’ve been told). My coffee black, my beer dark and my wine dry. Winter evenings at home and summer evenings outside. Long hikes on a mountain, sitting around a campfire with friends and family, camping in a tent and kayaking across a smooth lake. A post office and bank where they not only know my name, but know me. A community where chicken is deep fried the way it’s suppose to be. Baked goods are fresh not frozen. Produce, meat, eggs and milk are local. Connecting is done face to face, contacting someone is done by a phone call and accessing a quiet moment doesn’t require a password. Traffic is getting caught behind a horse and buggy or a John Deere tractor. Hunting is a way of life, not a sport. Redneck isn’t a joke, it’s who we are. Jeans, tshirt and work boots are the standard for Sunday dress. And we live by faith, family and outdoors.

After years in youth ministry, busyness, and trying to run with the bulls (fast paced and career driven) I’ve come to appreciate and prefer the simple life.

Simple is better…

Remember, life is one long hiking trip, if we’re not careful we can complicate the journey and miss out on valuable time, or we can take our time, allow God to lead us, and focus on the simple things. Simple is better, simple is easy…simple has more value. Simple is the way God intends it to be.

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