It’s Been Decided! I’m Going to McAfee Knob

DSC_0032For months I have been bouncing around in my head where I’d like to take a road and backpacking trip. I’ve had several places in mind, all of them great, which has made it difficult to decide. To narrow down my decision I made a pro’s and con’s list on one of the pages in my journal. Then I researched the location further and final put it to prayer. Why pray about which place to go? You see, this road trip, which I’ve been planning for months now is more then just a simple getaway to enjoy some hiking and backpacking. This trip is personal, very personal. My time away will be a retreat. A spiritual journey. A time to disconnect from everything and connect deeper with God. Just me, Him and my faithful hiking companion CJ.

For me this trip will be a time of celebration, victory and deep personal worship. A reward for the struggles and trials I’ve faced personally these past several months. Some take a journey like this to discover themselves. Others take one to find answers from God as they wrestle through a difficult time in their life. Don’t get me wrong, when things in my life fell apart almost a year ago I thought, no, I was tempted, to run off for several days on a backpacking trip to escape it all. However, God said no and had something else planned.

My upcoming road and backpacking trip is not one of searching or a time of healing. I’m not hoping to climb a mountain summit, reach the top and cry out to Him for help or rescue. Rather it’s my hope and prayer from the time I leave to the time I arrive at the top of McAfee Knob God uses that time to show me more of myself. And when I reach that summit, stand on the peak and look out at the view, I will stand with arms lifted high and heart filled with joy and cry out; “I did it because YOU did it through me!”

So why have I chosen McAfee Knob? I love the AT, I love hiking, I want the challenge, and I want a place where I can see the face of God in His creation and celebrate. But more importantly I’ve chosen McAfee Knob because it’s what He’s chosen for me, it’s where He is calling me. I hope you will journey with me as I prep for this trip, but also follow along with me and CJ when we take this trip of celebration.

Remember, life is one long hiking trip and when we trust and seek Him, He will choose the trails we hike for His choice is the best.

3 thoughts on “It’s Been Decided! I’m Going to McAfee Knob

  1. Writing to say thank you for your blog. It’s been nice to find someone who loves God and the outdoors! I love the AT as well and know that you will truly enjoy your time away with God.

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