You’re Not A Trade In

A month ago I started a new career as a Service Advisor A.M. for our local Subaru dealership. It’s totally different from what I was doing before, serving in youth ministry, but I’m loving it. Simply put my job is to serve our customers and provide them with the best service to their vehicle we can offer. In a lot of ways I have some sense of what it’s like to be a doctor in an emergency room. Our technicians are the doctors, the vehicles our patients, the customer is the family member and me…I’m the ER head doctor. The one who gets to walk through the double doors with a sign on the other side restricting unauthorized persons from entering heading towards the waiting room to deliver the news. Most of the time the new I bring is good. A simple oil change here, a tire rotation there, simple work. Like a routine physical.

But then there are the ones we diagnose with a serious problem and I’m the one who has to deliver the bad news. For a customer who has brought their car into my shop for service to hear; “well, we’ve found some problems I need to go over with you” it sets a tone of panic in their eyes. Mostly because they are bracing for the cost. No one wants or enjoys paying the high cost of auto repairs.

Last week a customer had his car towed in for service. The car simply stopped running. After the technician pulled it into the shop and ran a few tests he was able to determine the vehicle was…dead. To bring new life to the car would mean installing a new motor. Which would cost the customer over five thousand dollars to have repaired and installed. It was my job to not only inform the customer his car was dead, but also to inform of the cost to bring it back to life.

As I entered the waiting room the customer looked at me and before I could say anything he spoke; “my car is dead isn’t it?” I responded by telling him his car had blown a head gasket and a few pistons and to repair the car would entail installing a new or used motor. He didn’t even ask or want to know the cost of the repairs. As a matter of fact he simply said; “well, that car has gotten me around and has put on a lot of miles. I guess it’s time for a new car.”

I’m thankful you and I can’t simply be traded in or pushed out to the junk yard and replaced. I’m thankful that Jesus paid the debt for me and through Him I have been given a new life.

When my life blew a head gasket a year ago that led to separating and getting a divorce, Jesus did not trade me in for a new better model. No, instead he began the repair work, rebuilding me from the inside out. Sure, some friends decided to trade me in, but in the process of being repaired I have come to learn who my true friends and family are.

slide-1-638When man rebuilds a car all the parts are man made and it’s not guaranteed 100% the car will be the same or even better. When Jesus rebuilds us it’s supernatural and is guaranteed 100% from His end as long as we allow Him to make the FULL repairs His way. Not some repairs and not our way. I can’t say His repair work has been easy. At times it hurts and it’s tough. I don’t like being poked, prodded and tweaked. But as each day moves forward and I see what He’s doing I’m learning more all the time to sit back and let Him do the repair work as well as the ongoing maintenance and tweaking long after the repair work is done.

The repair work is still ongoing and life is moving forward. In the beginning all I wanted to do was stay in the garage and go no where and be seen by no one. However, Jesus showed me His repair work is something that happens in and through everyday life. Through our circumstances, issues and the tough and rough and that sitting in the garage not moving is NOT what He intends.

Today, while I am still facing some repair work in my life for the head gasket and blown pistons in my life a year ago, I have chosen to move forward with Jesus leading and allowing Him to make the repairs His way and on His time.

When something breaks it’s so easy to trade it in for the latest and best model, but I’m thankful Jesus hasn’t traded me in. Instead He traded SPOTS so He can make the necessary repairs in my life and get me out of the garage on the road (trail) of living life to the full.

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