Winter: Like It or Leave It

Winter, cold, snow and ice…

You either like or not.

Me…I enjoy it and I enjoy being outside in the winter. I don’t enjoy being cold and freezing, but I do the smart thing and dress for the occasion.

1422364_10151847344157998_1469066465_nRecently we had a small amount of snow and for days all I heard was how much people hated the snow. A coworker even arrived one morning, walked in the door, looked at me and said; “Ba-hum bug, I hate snow,” and did so with a straight face.  A neighbor, out walking their dog, complained about the snow, ice and how cold she was; “I’m freezing. I hate this stuff.” Of course, she was only wearing gym shorts and a hoodie. No hat or gloves.

“Uh, well, of course your cold because you’re not…never mind.”

Side thought: Has our lifestyle and culture of ease, speed and right away-need-it-now comforts softened us to the elements of the outdoors?

My favorite part of winter is when it snows. There is a smell in the air right before it snows. It’s a smell hard to describe, but I know I’m not alone in sensing the smell when it’s going to snow, especially if you’re into the outdoors like me. I enjoy the smell of fireplaces burning and watching the snow fall. Some prefer to stay inside where it’s warm, covered under a blanket with a cup of coffee admiring the view from a window. I prefer to admire the view from the outside.

For me, snow is a gift from God that says; “I know it’s cold but I’ll make it more bearable by covering my creation and making the grey of winter beautiful.”

It’s also a reminder of what Jesus did on the cross. His brutal torture and death, followed by raising from the dead is an announcement that says; “I have paid the price for you. Your sins are covered and you’re white like snow.”

So when people complain, more like whine, I have to watch myself. I tend to think about what I’d like to verbalize. Depending on the topic or issue I can, when needed, be bold and speak out. But for the most part, to spare any conflict, I keep my thoughts to myself on things that just don’t matter. I call that thought moments; You’ve got to be kidding me… Usually it’s followed by a direct thought.

Not everyone likes cold, snow and winter and that’s okay. I don’t like really humid climates but I don’t whine about it. It’s the one’s that complain to the point of whining about it. The one’s when you greet them their first response is to whine about the weather. It’s in these moments I have my; you’ve got to be kidding me thoughts. Here is a sample;

You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s snow. Frozen rain. You live in a warm house with everything you NEED to keep AND stay warm. If you really don’t like it that much…move. LOL!

When I was kid I loved snowball fights, wrestling with my brother in a snow pile, building snow forts, and sledding. Today I enjoy hiking in the snow, walking around my neighborhood in snow, and I still enjoy a good snowball fight and sledding.

I don’t know about you, but I see winter as a gift from God. A break from the heat of summer with a gradual easing into winter with a season called fall. Winter and snow holds so much beauty and the character of God and His creation. You may not enjoy winter, snow and cold. But stop for a moment. Step away from everyday life, disconnect and really take a look around as it snows. You’ll get a front row seat into the artist painting an awesome picture across the landscape.

Remember, life is one long hiking trip with seasons of change. You can’t control it. God is in control. You can only trust, have faith and enjoy the view.


2 thoughts on “Winter: Like It or Leave It

  1. I hate driving through snow on the freeway and commuting to or from work. Mostly it’s the constant worry that some idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing is going to crash into me. There’s a lot of reason to be worried.

    Other than that, if people dressed for the cold, for the most part they wouldn’t mind it so much. I’ve been on a lot of hikes at Paradise (Mount Rainier, not terribly far from the glacier) and seen people who were wildly inappropriately dressed for the weather. Usually it’s fashion, guys in gym shorts and tee shirts with their college name printed on the front, gals in short skirts. It snows sometimes in July and August up there.

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