Taking A Personal Challenge: Moving Outside the Box

downloadRecently I saw one of those “things” going around on Facebook. You know the “things” I’m talking about, where you’re given a number and then post some fact about yourself in your status? Most of the time they are dumb. Sometimes people reveal things I wished I hadn’t read. And a few like myself just ignore those “things.”

But recently someone wrote to me and said; “you write about hiking and your faith, but there has to be more to you then those two interests.” My short and to the point answer was; “yup.” But it got me thinking about my writing, and over these past few days I’ve come to realize I’m not opening up enough or expanding my writing into different areas of my life that interest or impact me.

Am I exposing more of myself to my readers? Am I revealing the things that impact my life? Am I going deeper with my words with how and what God is doing in my life? And if I do how can it impact others.

So I’m taking up a personal challenge to expand my writing. To not hold back and reveal more about myself. This will be a huge challenge as it will be outside the comfort of the box I’ve put myself into over this past year. I have a story. We all have a story. And each of our stories not only impact ourselves but the lives of others we come in contact with each day. My goal is that through my own story it might impact others and lead them to Jesus, offer encouragement, advise and comfort. But also through my story, even through the tough and rough, my readers will see the joy, the true joy in my life and where it comes from each day.

So here is my story, I hope you’ll tag along…

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