Labels…We All Have Them

Labels…we all have them, but the labels we wear are our choice. We can choose to wear the negative labels that have been placed on us by others and our culture. Or we can place, tattoo onto our souls, new labels given to us by Jesus when he hung on the cross.

As for me I know and admit I have allowed myself over the years to wear labels that are not true. Labels such as; failure, worthless, lonely, a mess and others depending on my circumstances. But as I face the greatest trial of my life Jesus is constantly showing me those labels I once wore are not true and I bear a new label. I put that new label on years ago when I put my faith and trust in Christ alone. But I am learning that new label I was given years ago needs to be a constant reminder to me as it’s easy to fall into the trap of the old labels. Circumstances in life and negative people are good at picking up the old labels and trying to put them back on me. It’s why I need to be reminded DAILY of the gospel.

I choose to wear the label Jesus has given me and if others or circumstances want to try to place false labels on me my only resolution is to cut them out, move on and keep my focus on the cross. Because the tattoo Jesus is placing on my soul today covers a multitude of negative labels, and all I can do is praise Him for his transforming artwork in my life.

If you have put your faith and trust in Christ alone you now wear this label that has been branded, tattooed onto your soul…”Hello, my name is child of the One True King.”

Remember, life is one long hiking trip. We can choose to wear labels along the trail that are negative, or we can choose to wear one label that guides us through every step of the trail… The label that only Jesus can give you. The only label that can truly free you!

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