Commit EVERYTHING to Him…Not To Yourself

Commit EVERYTHING you (I) do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He WILL help you (I). – Psalm 37:5

Commit, Commitment…I find myself marinating on these words this morning after reading through Psalm 37. I’ve been asking myself if I truly know the meaning of them as well as asking if I’ve ever truly been committed to anything let alone everything. I’m committed to hiking and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. I’m committed to working my job so I can provide no matter what kind of work it is. When I was in full time ministry I was committed to my students and ministry, most of the time more committed to that then anything else. And that commitment cost me. Be warned pastors, youth leaders, ministry leaders. I speak from experience.

downloadIn our culture today we are committed to so many things. And for the most part we’re committed to things so much we’re busy, too busy. So busy that we’re busy telling the world how busy we are by posting it on social media. But what are we busy doing? And are the things we’re committed to doing really of any value in comparison to our commitment to God?

Physical training in our culture has become an obsession. Everyone wants the perfect abs, legs, etc. People are committed to working out and the gym. It’s not necessarily wrong until it becomes a commitment that comes before God. The gym has become a place of worship. Self worship. And selfies, are all about wanting others to see that commitment we made to our selves. Selfies ooze; look at me because I am.

Careers and success take commitment, but this too can become an obsession. Taking the place of God and even becoming a place of worship. And even loving the outdoors and hiking as I do, while it takes commitment can become an obsession, a form of false worship. We can even become committed to worry, putting our worries before God which is saying; I don’t trust You enough God. Being committed to worry is another form of self worship because we’re putting our entire focus on…ourselves, not God. Not the one who created and knows every detail about us better then we know ourselves.

God wants us to be committed. He wants us to develop a habit of commitment. However, He says to commit EVERYTHING to Him. That means our careers, home, family, physical care, hobbies…EVERYTHING! When we commit everything to Him, we’ll be putting Him first and everything we do will flow from that commitment rather then from self. Because the moment we commit to something hardcore instead of committing everything to HIM, our efforts towards commitment will be selfish. Our commitments become all about us.commit1

When we trust Him, don’t worry, be still and know Him, allow Him to direct us because He knows everything, know He never abandons us, keeps us safe, rescues us, and loves us. Committing everything to Him will be easier.

So what are you going to commit everything to? To God or yourself? This morning I’m realizing as for me, I need to do a better job of trusting Him and commit EVERYTHING to Him. Because when I commit anything, let alone everything, to myself…I fail every time.

Further reading: Mark 10:17-22

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