Is Jesus Who He Claimed to Be or Not?

Reality Of Christ

JESUSA few years ago my daughter, who was six years old at the time, asked to pray with me prior to a speaking engagement I was giving at a women’s luncheon later that afternoon. Astonished by her considerate offer, we both reverently bowed our heads as my daughter tenderly grasp my right hand in hers. Unexpectedly the most sticking words came out of her mouth that would forever be etched in the memory of my brain. She passionately began, “Dear Lord, thank you for my mommy, bless the women during this teaching, and thank you forholding mommies right hand. Amen!” at that I broke into tears! It may sound like something juvenile, but at that time, these words were the most powerful words she could have uttered. You see, just prior to her precious proclamation, the Lord gave me a Scripture that read, “For I, the Lord your God, will…

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