Shallow Christianity

Reality Of Christ

SHALLOWDo you find that your prayer life is a bit mechanical?  Or that you pray only at meals and just before bedtime?

Do you find that you attend Church only on Sundays and that the majority of your Bible reading is done at that Sunday service?

Does your quite time with the Lord last only minutes and is your relationship with Him likened to that of an acquaintance, rather than that of a close friend?

Do you find that there are limits on how far you serve God and that you rarely share your faith out of fear of rejection of your peers?

Do you find that you only want to be saved from the penalty of sin, rather than be cleansed of your sins?

If so, then you just might be…. “A Shallow Christian.”   

ShallowChristianityresults whenever we want the benefits, but not the costs…

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