What’s Your Story? (Camping or Hiking)


Recently I’ve had conversations will friends and social media friends about camping or hiking experiences. Good, bad, humorous and crazy.

I sat around a campfire a couple weekends ago with friends as we all shared our craziest camping or hiking experiences. By the end of the night my face and ribs were sore from laughing so much at the different experiences we’ve all had.

In my next post I’ll share a couple of my own funny and crazy hiking experiences. Like the time I got a little too close to a rattle snake.

But what about you? What crazy or funny experiences have you had camping or hiking?

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Story? (Camping or Hiking)

  1. I have had some memorable times hiking (and backpacking) but it is hard to translate those “laugh til you almost peed your pants” moments into words! At the end of a hard day of hiking I am already so giddy from lack of oxygen, lack of food, and maybe too much water that even the most mundane trials become major laugh riots. Like trying to hang a bear bag and knowing the bears are sitting in a circle around you, eating popcorn and laughing their fuzzy butts off at the stupid humans. 🙂 Or watching your friend’s hammock slowly sink to the ground because one of the two trees she found to hang her hammock is literally 5 inches in diameter. Her solution: Pull down the tarp so none of your backpacking friends can see that the hammock is sitting in the dirt! 😀

    1. Thanks for sharing. That’s awesome! I had this picture in my head of the hammock slowly sagging to the ground. Sure it was funnier in person.
      The great thing is knowing you’ve had those experiences with great friends you can laugh with and at.

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