Dream List…Not a Bucket List

There is a difference between a dream list and a bucket list. A bucket list are things you HOPE to do before you “kick the bucket” (die). A dream list is something you PLAN to do. When it comes to hiking and backpacking I have a dream list and I’m already making plans and preparing to accomplish my list.

  • Thru-hike the AT – This is a bug dream as it will require at least five months of my life, not working, having the money to do it and a job to come bak to when I’m done. As well as the mental, emotional and physical strength to complete a thru-hike.
  • Crater National – The picture below speaks for itself as to why I want to hike this terrain.
  • Yellowstone National
  • Colorado 14er’s
  • Alaska Wilderness

th (1)

What’s on your dream list for hiking and backpacking? Would like to read your comments of where you’ve been or dream to go some day.

8 thoughts on “Dream List…Not a Bucket List

  1. I satisfied my tree hugger-hubby’s dream: family camping. Be proud of me, Brian. I did it! My short recent post tells of it. Virgin camper no more. (I didn’t utter a word of complaint the entire time.)

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