Choosing A Trail


It just can’t be any tree. It has to be the right tree.

It can’t be any trail, it has to be the right trail.

When I pick a trail for a quick hike in the afternoon to blow off some steam or simply stretch the legs and get outdoors, I can easily pick from hundreds in my area. It’s as simple as opening a map and throwing a dart to choose an area. Many of which I’ve hiked several times. Some I know so well I could describe every turn, hill and boulder outcrop with detail.

But even for a quick simple hike it has to be the right trail depending on my mood. Sometimes I want a simple hike with no challenges. These are usually on the days I’m in the mood to be outside but not really in the mood to go hiking. Other times I want a trail that challenges me physically and mentally. And occasionally I hike a trail that leads to a summit, a view, a place where when I reach my destination goal, sit and marinate on who God is, what He’s done in my life and the life of my family. I sit and listen to what He has to say to me instead of rambling on with selfish requests of what I might want.

Choosing a trail to hike for the afternoon is as easy as drawing names from a bucket. But I’d rather choose the right trail depending on how God is leading my heart that day. Because I have found for me, it’s on a trail where I can meet Him face to face for a Father/ son chat more so then in the clutter of the busyness of life. A crowded coffee shop where people are hen pecking away on laptops with ear buds in listening to the latest top 20 is not my idea of spending time with Jesus.

Life is one long hiking trip. We can throw darts and choose randomly haphazardly the trail to hike. Or we can follow His lead, have Him be the master of our life and hike the trail He intends for us to hike. Even if at times its rough and just right down stinks.

Hike by faith, not by sight.

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