Mom’s Dream…Coming True (But At A Price)

Following Jesus may cost you friendships, your reputation, or treasured habits. But while the cost of being a disciple may be high, the benefits last for eternity.

I’ve seen the high cost of following Jesus in the life of my mom…

Picture321.jpgIn my last post I shared about my Dad’s dream coming true, but his dream didn’t come true on his own. My mom has been by his side the entire time. They are a living example of a godly marriage, for better or worse, through sickness and health, and achieving their dream, the vision God gave them, has come at a price.

Following Jesus has cost my mom friendships and sometimes family. I remember when they first announced to us their intention years ago to pack everything they owned and move to the Philippines. It was almost surreal at first, the thought of them being on the other side of the planet. Certainly not within driving distance for a visit.

My brother, sister and I were all grown and just finished college. We were setting out to begin our own lives and here I was processing the fact that my parents were moving to the Philippines. The cost my mom paid for being so far away? …not seeing her kids.

By the time they returned to the states my brother and I were getting married and a year later my sister. Over time do to jobs, each of us including my parents relocated to different parts of the U.S. Once again we found ourselves…separated. Sure distance was closer, but we were still apart and my mom once again did not have her family close by. When the grandkids entered the world it added to the longing to have family closer. Miles and distance…it’s been this way for us for over twelve years. But my mom never wavered in her support of my Dad or her call to follow the dream.

My mom has seen and been through those times when we’ve made bad decisions, our weddings,  our heartbreaks, grandkids born premature with an unknown future while sitting for hours in the NICU, the relentless pursuit to adopt my little sister from the Philippines who is blind and autistic, raising a daughter with special needs, living a simple quiet life in the country but being miles away from her kids, losing friends and support, and the list goes on. But my mom never wavered in her support of my Dad or her call to follow the dream.

And in the midst of all this my mom has paid another price…her health. Now some say sickness and disease makes people weak. I beg to differ. Because while my mom suffers from RA with C.R.E.S.T. (rheumatoid arthritis is painful and C.R.E.S.T. is a rare disease associated with RA that attacks the lungs and heart) she presses on. Sure there are days I can see she’s tired and in pain, but by no means does she allow her health to make her weak. If anything, I’ve seen it make her stronger. Stronger in her faith and trust in Christ alone. And my mom has never wavered in her support of my Dad or her call to follow the dream.

My Dad’s dream of building a home for disabled children in the Philippines is not his alone, it’s also my Mom’s. Answering, chasing, praying and not wavering in that dream while raising her kids and living with a painful disease with no cure…that is my Mom. Following Jesus has come at a price. But I know my mom, she’s focused on the eternal benefits and she knows the price Jesus paid was far greater. He paid a debt my mom and no of us will ever be able to pay.

There is a cost to following Jesus, and my mom never wavered in her support of my Dad or her call to follow the dream.

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2 thoughts on “Mom’s Dream…Coming True (But At A Price)

  1. This is a great and well deserved tribute to your mom. The dream initiated with her not me. God put it on her heart. It has been a team effort between the two of us but her love and compassion for others is why it was so easy for God to lay the dream on her heart. I guess that is why she was such a great nurse.

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