Dad’s Dream…Coming True the years I have seen my Dad accomplish a lot, but nothing has caused me to respect him more then the things he does for other people. From his four kids to my mom, he has given more then he has ever received. And yet God has blessed him with so much.

His heart for the Filippino people is evident in how he talks about them and their culture, but he and my mom both hold a special spot in their hearts for the disabled children in the Philippines. For the past several years they have ministered to this special group of people. Right down to adopting my little sister Maria.

It’s taken some time and a lot of communication, prayer and effort on is part, but after several years of waiting for God’s timing my parents dream of building a home for disabled children in the Philippines is finally coming true.

On my blog I talk a lot about hiking and faith in Christ alone. There is one hike I’ve neer been on that I hope to do some day. To join my Dad in the Philippines hiking the same streets and villages he has over the years meeting the people who’s lives he has touched in so many ways. My Dad is an example to me of what it means to hike by faith. He never gave up on his dream and here is a glimpse of it coming true.

If you’d like to help my Dad’s ministry contact me at

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