Camping Tips: Taking the Dog Along (Part 2)

dog-campingLast week I decided to test the waters of camping with my mini Schnauzer CJ. To do so I thought it would be best to camp in the backyard before venturing out into the wilderness. Just in case he didn’t like it and our night in the tent turned out to be one of no sleep.

It turned out to be a some what chilly night just a day before Supermoon 2013. CJ took to the tent like it was nothing and immediately settled in, but since it was chilly he decided he needed to crawl in my sleeping bag in the middle of night as he was cold.

All in all it was a good night and CJ passed the test like a camping warrior.

Here are some tid-bit tips for prepping your dog for camping.

– Take your dog on a backyard overnight before taking them camping. It will save you any frustration that may occur if your dog is restless.

– We plan, prep and pack for us (humans), making lists to be sure we don’t forget anything, don’t forget to pack for your dog. If they have a favorite outdoor toy and/or blanket bring it along.

– To save space and weight Walmart sells a collapsable water/food bowl in two sizes.

– Don’t forget the leash. CJ is well disciplined and I can take him just about anywhere without a leash and he never runs off or leaves my side. But while your dog might be well trained keep in mind many places, especially state or national parks require you to leash your dog.

– When camping in the summer months it’s important to stay hydrated. So does your dog,  don’t forget plenty of water.Camping-Dog

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