Backpacking Tips: Simple Ways to Making Coffee on the Trail

tasterschoice_sscCoffee. Anyone who knows me will tell you I like coffee. The perfect cup of coffee for me is a hot, dark roast and I drink it black. At home I brew coffee in a Keurig as it’s quick and easy and allows me to brew one cup at a time. Occasionally I’ll brew coffee from my French Press or when on the road stop at a Starbuck’s (when the budget allows).

But what about when you’re on the trail, it’s an early morning and you’re craving a cup of coffee before heading out for another 15 to 20 mile day? Save yourself the hassle and the extra weight in your pack of carrying a pot and a bag of coffee grounds. Coffee grounds in a zip lock bag can go stale within a matter of days.

Backpacking Light has an good article with tips for brewing coffee when backpacking.

IMG_1148A great alternative to lighten your pack and still have a good cup of coffee is to carry the single packs. Starbuck’s offers their Via’ packs in varieties and boldness, but you’ll also pay more. So if you’re looking for a low budget alternative go with other brands such as Folgers, Yuban, Taster’s Choice, and Stok. There is also Java Juice, not available in stores, but can be found at REI or online.

You may think; “But it doesn’t taste like home or my local coffee shop.” Remember, you’re backpacking and you’ve left the luxuries of home…back home. However, when you’re backpacking for days, waking up on a cold morning after a rainy previous day, you’ll be glad you brought along those single packs.

2 thoughts on “Backpacking Tips: Simple Ways to Making Coffee on the Trail

    1. Starbuck’s Via’ is my choice. Because I like my coffee bold I have found they have the best tasting for it being instant coffee, and the price is not much different from some of the other brands.

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