HYOH Means More Then Just the Trail

HYOH. For avid backpackers and hikers we know what this means; “hike your own hike.”

thHike your own hike means that you should hike a trail in the manner that you enjoy, and not the way somebody tells you to hike it. Although you should ponder the advice of others, ultimately make your own decision and focus on having fun!

My thoughts about this hiker phrase has caused me to take it beyond the trail and into our everyday life and hike (walk) with Jesus. So here are my thoughts:

– When it comes to our relationship with Jesus it’s personal. Yes, absolutely, we need to share the gospel (Jesus) with others. We are commanded to in Matthew 28:19-20, but our own spiritual growth is personal, our responsibility and should be a joy even through tough times.

– When it comes to our relationship with Jesus we need to spend time in His Word and praying (talking with Him often and listening), not getting to know Him the way someone else may tell you should. We are falible sinful people and everyone has their thoughts and opinions about how we should hike through our life. The Word of God should be our first source for getting through the trails and trails of life. The church is publishing more self help books today then the world when all the while the best book to guide our lives is His Word.

– When it comes to our relationship with Jesus we also can’t discount the advice from others. Seeking the counsel from godly friends and family is an important part of our hike with Jesus, but it shouldn’t be the only source. It’s why the church is important and why we need to be involved in a church “family.” Our church family is there to support and encourage us through our hike in life with Jesus and equip us to follow Him.

– When it comes to our relationship with Jesus our pace of growth varies. Don’t focus on whether someone is as spiritual as you are, because the truth is, if you think you’ve “gotten there,” you haven’t. None of us will be completely there in our relationship with Jesus until we’re with Him in heaven. In an orchard not all trees produce fruit at the same rate and some produce bad fruit. If we’re followers of Jesus we need to be producing good fruit.

Ultimately focus your relationship on Jesus by spending time with Him…a lot of time. Have a regular ongoing conversation with Him and take time on the trail with others who will encourage, support and equip your hike with Jesus. When it comes to our relationship with Jesus let’s hike our own hike WITH Him, but let’s also show others how to get there.

HYOH with Jesus!

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